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Security Tour System

    A Security Tour System is an essential tool for enhancing the security of all large apartment buildings and office buildings that have many entrances or exits which must remain locked except for authorized entry and exit. Ad-hoc reporting of unlocked or damaged doors by employees is highly problematic. This can result in unhindered access into the building by potentially dangerous individuals for protracted periods of time. Hallways and stairwells are common hangouts for these individuals. Constant inspections of these locations prevents their being used as hangouts.

    Security tour control means that inspection personnel can show exactly when and specifically where and what they inspected throughout the building. These inspections enhance building security by immediately correcting situations where doors are left open, blocked open or damaged preventing proper closure and locking.

    The inspector proves that he inspected each individual checkpoint by touching the reader pen to the computer chip button affixed at each checkpoint throughout the building. The pen collects the data throughout the inspector's tour. At the end of the tour the pen is downloaded to a computer. A report can then be printed indicating when and where inspections were made and by whom.

    The inspector carries a wallet containing twelve computer chip buttons, each of which represents a typical problem. After reading the local site button the inspector then reads the button in the wallet associated with the problem at that location. If there is no problem he reads the "O.K." button. The printed report will then indicate each site and the associated problem, if there is one that needs to be addressed. Total read time by the inspector is only a few seconds per site.