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ButtonKey™ Readers & Wireless Connections
    The Access Control System (ACS) provides an automatic, computerized means of controlling entry to locked apartment or office buildings twenty four hours a day. It eliminates unauthorized entry. The reader accesses the digital chip within the ButtonKey™ and its door's controller determines the legitimacy of the ButtonKey™ before unlocking the door. Each door has its own controller. Applicable data for each door is downloaded from management's office computer to each controller. Once data is downloaded, each controller operates independently and is not affected by outside circumstances until its data is updated by management's computer.
    Where access control is required in multiple buildings or where running connecting cables is very difficult, our solution is to use wireless Radio Links where applicable. These are transparent links from each access point within a building, or between buildings. This permits total real time connectivity to all entry locations, even between buildings, from one computer located in management's office. Using Radio Links pays for itself in short order by totally eliminating telephone dial-up lines and and their continued cost...forever. Transparency means all connections appear as if they are directly connected without the intervening links.
    The Reader stands out, especially at night because it is constantly back lit in the color red. It changes to green while the door is unlocked. The ButtonKeys™ permanently eliminate the use of hundreds or thousands of metal keys and the problems associated with keys, which can be copied, lost or stolen. It also eliminates worn out key cylinders and the need to make hundreds or even thousands of new keys with the attendant problems of many of the new keys not working properly. The ACS maintains a recent record of usages and rejected attempts of unauthorized entries for later inspection by management if needed.
    The ButtonKey™ reader is virtually indestructible, even when exposed to extreme abuse and vandalism. With no slots or crevices to clog, it will continue to operate, even under the harshest circumstances. On the other hand, commonly used swipe card readers and proximity readers, while more expensive, are easily put out of commission by vandals with chewing gum, candy, rocks or baseball bats. When required, swipe cards, proximity cards, fingerprint and biometric (corneal) readers can also be installed.
    In office buildings, our ButtonKey™ access has eliminated the need for maintaining onsite personnel during off hours and weekends to provide entry for tenants' employees.
    An Access Control System combined with our Vandal Proof Doors provides a high degree of security and substantial long term economic savings. Our experiences have demonstrated that a highly visible secure site quickly dissuades troublemakers from vandalism or trying to gain access to the site.

    The ButtonKey™ is a computer created ID chip, housed in a steel capsule similar in size and shape to a watch battery. Inserted into a small plastic key fob, it is momentarily touched to a Reader to gain entry. The system's local controller instantly reads the ID number of the ButtonKey™ and either allows or denies entry depending upon the settings determined by management. For example, only tenants with parking privileges may gain access to the parking garage and maintenance personnel may gain entrance only at certain times and days of the week to selected locations. Temporary ButtonKeys™ can be issued that automatically deactivate after a certain number of uses or after a predetermined date. ButtonKeys™ cannot be duplicated or modified. Lost, stolen or unreturned ButtonKeys™ can be immediately deactivated by management.
    Tenants find it convenient to carry their ButtonKeys™ on their key chains rather than have to search through their pocketbooks or wallets to find an access card each time they enter their building, especially if they are carring packages or holding on to children. Thousands of tenants now use our computer chip ButtonKeys™ without any resistance or objections. On the contrary, many tenants have voiced their appreciation for the enhanced security provided by our ButtonKey™ Access Control Systems.
    While some tenants at other apartment complexes have voiced opposition to the use of ID type swipe cards based on privacy issues, we have never experienced such complaints. Our ButtonKeys™ accomplish essentially the same objectives as ID swipe cards without raising privacy issues. We are offering tenants better safety and security without infringing on their privacy or convenience. They readily accept our ButtonKeys™ for what they actually are, a high level security "key" to be substituted for their regular key which they attach to their key chain. Privacy has never been an issue here.
    Issuing and updating thousands of photo ID swipe cards in a large apartment complex is in itself a major labor intensive and ongoing time consuming effort. Our ButtonKeys™ combined with our vandal proof readers require minimal maintenance and management effort.
    Where high security access cannot be compromised, fingerprint identification is the solution. A small, standalone fingerprint reader requires no computer database of authorized individual fingerprints. Each authorized individual is provided with a special ButtonKey™ which contains that person's fingerprint template. The ButtonKey™ template is read by the reader and compared with that person's actual fingerprint. Entry is only permitted when they match. If a match is not made, the event is saved and an alarm can be sounded.