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Vandal-Proof Doors

    Building security begins with protective doors and a locking system that cannot be easily foiled. Different environments require different degrees of protection. ITI is able to provide its clients with entry security hardware to match individual conditions.     In locations where high security is needed and abuse and vandalism are severe, doors, door hardware and locking systems can be provided that are virtually 100% resistant to extreme breakthrough or destructive attempts.
    ITI's highest level security doors (see photo inset) are built to penitentiary specifications. While these doors are easily opened and are esthetically pleasing to the eye, they are specially designed with reinforced extra heavy gauge steel, weighing up to 400 pounds, and are virtually impenetrable and indestructible.

    Twelve years ago ITI completed one of the most challenging HUD supported apartment house installations to be found anywhere in the U.S. The original lobby and hallways were a picture of total devastation. With dozens of the worst lawless elements hanging out in the lobby and hallways 24/7, walking through this area was a life threating experience.

    After sealing the building with our doors and ButtonKey access control systems, all of the undesirables disappeared overnight and the areas became empty and safe. This has allowed management to reconstruct the entrance way, lobby and hallways as pictured in the above photos.

    This site has now been in continuous operation for the past twelve years and still remains clear and free of outside undesirables. With twelve street level sets of entry doors, all of which have been subjected to every conceivable destructive act imaginable, not a single door, hardware item or window has been broken by vandals. Repairs have been limited to wear only since these doors are subject to high traffic volume.

    Continuously functioning under severe conditions, these doors are cost effective compared to traditional doors, door frames and hardware, which are quickly vandalized to the extent that they no longer close and lock properly and must be constantly replaced after short intervals. Similarly, ITI's special high security locks, hinges, closers and special clear glass door windows are also virtually unbreakable and indestructible.

    While ITI's high security doors are more costly than standard commercial steel doors which can be easily vandalized, they will withstand the severest environments indefinately. Good hardware lasts indefinately and is only paid for once.