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ITI-350 Telephone Intercom

ITI-250 Telephone Intercom

ITI-350 Telephone Intercom System

    ITI's modern Telephone Intercom Systems eliminate the frustrations and expensive repairs associated with older systems. There are no wires to each tenant's apartment. The intercom operates by calling the tenant's own telephone. Older system's stuck buttons and many thousands of feet of troublesome intercom wiring to each tenant's apartment throughout the building is eliminated.
    The ITI-350 Intercom contains many special features including text messaging from built-in alarm sensors when triggered and when a forced entry occurs. It can also provide for extended door unlock time for disabled tenants. The system is is highly vandal resistant and is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel thereby retaining its integrity and attractiveness indefinately, even under the harshest conditions. The intercom enclosures are designed for either flush mounting or surface mounting and may be installed either indoors or outdoors.
    The intercom panel has a typical telephone push button keypad with an illuminated LCD display providing information, instructions and a tenant look-up directory. Also, where needed, an adjacent paper directory can be mounted for quick reference. The directory lists each tenant by name and/or apartment number with a code number. Dialing the code number by using the keypad rings the tenant's telephone. The tenant can then speak to the visitor through a speaker in the panel. Pressing 9 on the tenant's telephone keypad unlocks the lobby entrance door. The intercom beeps while the door is unlocked.
    Replacement of old, problem-prone, multi-button systems with their thousands of feet of wire pays for itself in short order by the savings in repair costs, elimination of vandalism, subsequent intercom down time and major reductions in tenant complaints.
    About thirty years ago "No Toll" telephone intercom systems were introduced to avoid high telephone company toll charges. These systems have now become obsolete as a result of tenants replacing their wired telephones with cable and cell phones. By making this changeover tenants lose their intercom service because their phones are no longer connected to the building's telephone wiring network. As a result, Management is subject to continuous tenant complaints because of lack of intercom service. There are no simple solutions to these problems while still utilizing the old "No Toll" systems.
    These problems are now resolved by upgrading to the current systems, described above, which call the tenants' telephone numbers directly via the public telephone network. The calls are independent of the type of telephone instruments being called. If the tenant has telephone problems, they now have to call their telephone company, not their Super. The former high toll charges have now been aleviated by new tariffs.
    A Telephone Intercom System and Access Control System combined with our Vandal Proof Doors provides a high degree of security and substantial long term economic savings. Our experiences have demonstrated that a highly visible secure site quickly dissuades troublemakers from vandalism or trying to gain access to the site.

ITI-250 Telephone Intercom System
    This Model Telephone Intercom Unit is similar to the Model 350 with less special features. Its stainless steel construction is vandal resistant for use in applications where severe vandalism is not an issue.
    ITI's Telephone Intercom Systems can be readily integrated with its ButtonKey Access Control Systems to provide tenants with enhanced security and convenience.