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    In these difficult times, enhancing tenant security is not only good public relations between management and tenants, it is also a good business decision at a relatively small cost. A single incident can make security enhancement costs look very inexpensive.
    The ITI Telephone Intercoms and Access Control Systems (ACS) are top of the line high quality systems which provide an automatic, computerized means of providing management and tenants with control over who enters their apartment or office buildings twenty four hours a day.
    The ACS eliminates unauthorized entry by using uncopyable computer chip ButtonKeys™. Management has complete control over all keys, unlike regular cylinder keys which can quickly multiply to an unlimited number of unauthorized keys.
  • Lost, stolen or unreturned keys can be immediately deactivated by management and become unusable.
  • Recent ButtonKey™ usage is recorded for future inspection by management if needed.
  • The Intercom LCD display gives step-by-step instructions and displays messages.
  • A paper directory is provided for individuals having difficulty using the LCD display.
  • Telephone Intercom systems require no wiring to tenants' apartments. It calls the tenant on their own telephone. The Intercom telephone usage cost is typically an inexpensive telephone line add-on flat rate charge of $18 per month regardless of the number of calls.